Instructions for successful building FBReaderJ from sources under Windows

The project's code consists of Java and native C++ parts.
Before compiling Java sources you have to build C++ native libraries. FBReader uses 3 native libraries (for each architecture):


That isn't a problem to accomplish if you are on Linux or MacOS X, but it's really an issue for Windows environment.

On Windows platform you should install and configure 'cygwin' environments first. Then cygwin is ready you can build 'native libraries' from source code.
That process is described in PDF document. You can find PDF document in project's \docs\ folder named as 'cygwin_installation_and_configuration.pdf'

For additional tips, till we'll include them in this page, follow this howtobuildfbreaderj blog
Any issues you face, add comments on that page and we'll try to update the procedure when time will allow.