FBReader works on the N800 with the latest IT OS 2008 image. Unfortunately, there are several N800/OS2008 issues that affect the FBReader. As far as we know at the moment, these issues are the OS issues and could not be fixed at the application level. So if you plan to use your N800 device as an e-book reader, we'd suggest to not upgrade your device to the OS2008. We hope Nokia team will fix the issues listed above in the next OS 2008 upgrade.

If you plan to use OS 2008 on your N800 please read carefully the text below.

Since version 0.8.10 FBReader has one more set of options relevant for Nokia tablets only.

‘Peferences’ dialog has one more page called ‘Maemo’ which allows to control 2 maemo-specific parameters.

The first one can fix the multiple page turns problem. If your device has a problem with multiple or twice page turning on key pressing, try to check the ‘Action on Key Release, not on Key Press’ option.

The second one allows to control the way FBReader distinguishes between finger and stylus tap. When you tap (either with stylus or with finger), the X server calculates “pressure” in some units and reports it to the application. The two available parameters allow to specify range of “pressures” that are considered as “stylus tap”. If the range is too wide, all taps will be interpreted as stylus taps, if it's too narrow, then all taps will be interpreted as finger taps.

Unfortunately, reasonable default values differ from device to device and we have no way to determine such values automatically.

This option appeared as a result of discussion (in Russian) at FBReader google group.