Maemo 2.0 was released in June 2006 and is a major software upgrade for Nokia 770.

You have 3 options: single-click installation (for Nokia 770 with the latest ROM image), network installation and offline installation.

Additional character encoding modules

If you would like to read books which character encodings not presented in standard mamo distribution, you need to install the package containing additional gconv modules from the Abiword repository ( mistral user). The same package is also available from our repository.

Single-click installation

This does not work for old Nokia 770 ROMs. Just click here to install. ;)

Network installation

Network installation is the easiest way to install FBReader and keep it up to date.

Open 'Application manager':

  • Open the menu
  • Choose 'Tools'
  • Choose 'Application Manager'

Add the repository and download list of available packages:

  • Click on the title bar to open the menu
  • Select Tools
  • Select "Application Catalogue"
  • Press "New"
  • In the "Web Address" field put '' (without apostrophes)
  • Make sure "Distribution" field contains 'mistral' (without apostrophes)
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "Close"
  • Click "OK" on the question "Refresh package list?"
  • After selecting the connection and updating the list you will return to the main screen of Application Manager

Install FBReader:

  • Click on "Install new applications"
  • You should see fbreader-maemo2, double-click on it
  • Click "Ok"
  • Click "Ok" (of course, if you trust us enough to install the software :))
  • After some time (downloading and installing) you will see a dialog "Select location", click on the button next to "Location:", select location for FBReader, click "Ok", click "Ok"
  • It should say "fbreader-maemo2" successfully installed
  • Click "Ok"
  • Close 'Application Manager' (click on 'X' in the right top corner)

Keeping Up-To-Date

Open Application Manager:

  • Open menu
  • Choose 'Tools'
  • Choose 'Application Manager'

Update the package lists:

  • Open 'Application manager' menu (click on 'Application manager')
  • Choose 'Tools'
  • Choose 'Refresh list of packages'
  • Click "OK" on 'Refresh package list?' question
  • If necessary, choose your connection
  • Observe various status dialogs showing the current situation
  • You are done

See if there's an update for FBReader:

  • Click on "Check for updates"

All available updates should be shown in this screen. If you see
'fbreader-maemo2' somewhere, a newer version of FBReader is available.
Double-click it and, after some time, you should be done.

Offline Installation

If you cannot install FBReader over network, you need to download and install the following packages: